Georgie Bull

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology

British and Irish Underwater Photography Champion 2020

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The Southwest of England hosts a diversity of marine habitats including seagrass meadows, rocky reefs, and circalittoral sand flats. I believe showcasing native marine species and habitats is key to inspiring public engagement in marine conservation. I aspire to use my photography to create connections with local communities and marine habitats. If you'd like to work with me or use my images, please contact me via email at



BSc (Hons) Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology, University of Plymouth

2019-2020: Second Year - Average 75.7%

  • Scientific Diving: Underwater survey photography, photo quadrats, marine identification, trilateration surveys, offset surveys, lift bag work. Assessed by portfolio work and group project
  • Ecology: Principles of ecology over varying temporal scales, spatial scales and community organisation
  • Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology Field Course: Constructing two group reports in the field: forming questions, methods, data analyses, results and discussions. Individual scientific poster assignment followed
  • Ecology of Shallow Water Habitats: Report in style of Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences manuscript, exam essay on predation and sensory ecology
  • Applied Aquatic Biology: Biodiversity impact assessment using freshwater macroinvertebrates, exam essay on deep-sea mining
  • Methods in Marine Biology: Dissertation proposal presentation, statistics report in style of Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences

2018-2019: First Year ‐ Average 82%

  • Introduction to Marine Biology: Observation and recording in the field, keeping a field notebook, introducing R Studio, essay writing
  • Life on Earth: Principles of evolution and taxonomy
  • Chemical and Physical Processes of the Ocean: Chemical and physical data analysis, data visualisation and interpretation
  • Scientific Method and Ethics in Biology: Study of the Universal Ethical Code for Scientists
  • Marine Biology Field Course: Rocky shore field work group project and poster creation, species ID
  • Evolution and Biodiversity: Key principles and paradigms of evolutionary theory and biodiversity

2015-2017: A Levels, Hills Road Sixth Form College

  • Geology (A)
  • Geography (A)
  • Extended Project (A)
  • Biology (B)

2013-2015: GCSES: Melbourn Village College

  • 10 A*-A Grades

Employment and Volunteering


  • Sea-going Field Assistant Placement Student - Marine Biological Association
    Attending inshore fish surveys to assist with sorting, identification and photography, compiling a photographic ID guide on the fish of Plymouth Sound, assisting with social media
  • Seagrass Project Assistant - Paignton Zoo
    Coordinating a team of SCUBA diver volunteers, creating and training volunteers in SCUBA survey methods for eco-mooring monitoring, delivering marine identification workshops over Zoom, delivering public engagement talks about the ecology and conservation of seagrass, processing and analysing photographic and biological data from survey diving operations


  • Research Assistant - CEFAS
    Video annotation in BIIGLE, literature review on native sea pen ecology and policy (focussing on Pennatula phosphorea and Virgularia mirabilis)
  • Species and Biotope Sensitivity Assessment Intern - JNCC
    Literature reviews, sensitivity assessment report writing, sponge belt video analysis in BIIGLE
  • Seasearch Observer and Sea Champion - Marine Conservation Society
    Survey diving, public talks, BBC Bitesize feature on my role as a volunteer:, promoting and organising campus wide seafood sustainability campaign as a pilot for national launch
  • Chair - UPSU Scuba Society
    Chairing meetings, organising events, coordinating committee responsibilities, listening to others, budgeting, outreach/communication, conflict management
  • SCUBA Diver - National Marine Aquarium
    Tank maintenance, animal feeds, public dive shows
  • Student Ambassador and Course Representative ‐ University of Plymouth
    Prospective student outreach ‐ tours, Q&A sessions, accurately and sensitively collecting course feedback from peers, participating in staff-student liaison meetings


  • Deep-sea image annotation for PhD student
    Using BIIGLE to create surface area data of manganese nodules
  • INK Journal 2019 Editor - University of Plymouth
    Selecting, editing, and planning publication of student submissions for hard copy publication
  • Rockpool Tour Volunteer ‐ Wembury Marine Centre
    Assistant for public engagement activities (e.g. rockpool safaris, shark egg case walks)
  • Seagrass Surveyor Diver - Living Coasts, Torquay
    Species ID, SCUBA surveys, data input
  • Blogger -
    Blog series on British marine life: focussing on introduction to the species, sightings anecdotes, photography, then elaborating on current research surrounding the species


  • Receptionist ‐ Parkdean Resorts, West Bay
  • Supervisor of Garden Centre ‐ Homebase, Honiton
    Team work, organisation and support (management role), security responsibilities, customer service


  • Marine Videography Intern ‐ Hydro Motion Media
    Basics of marine videography, created a film on the Newquay and the Gannel Marine Conservation Zone:
  • Practical Reptile Keeping Magazine
    Front cover and 7-page spread, Summer 2016 edition. Ambystoma mexicanum husbandry and biology
  • Work Placement ‐ Sea Life London Aquarium
    Guest Experience Assistant Team
  • Guide and Store Assistant ‐ The Fossil Workshop, Lyme Regis
    Fossil walks and preparation (air tools)
  • Volunteer for Annual Outreach events
    Cambridge Science Festival, Big Biology Day (Cambridge), Fossil Festival (Lyme Regis)


PADI: Rescue Diver, Dry Suit, Nitrox, Oxygen Administration
BSAC: Dive Leader (in progress), Assistant Instructor
HSE Level 4 Professional SCUBA diver
Automatic Driving License (UK)
First Aid at Work: February 2019
BDMLR Marine Mammal Medic: September 2017 - current day
ORCA Marine Mammal Surveyor (November 2018): First survey 7th April 2019 (Plymouth-Roscoff)
Online Courses via EdX: Sharks! Global biodiversity, Biology and Conservation, Cornell University
In progress: Fisheries Law and Recreational Angling (Institute of Fisheries Management online courses)

Skill summary

Time Management and Organisation

  • Competent organising others as well as myself
  • Able to create effective plans and perform under tight schedules

Communication & Networking

  • Happy to communicate remotely or in person with large groups or individuals

Technology & Data Skills

  • Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro
  • GIMP
  • R Studio (multi and univariate statistics)
  • IMAGEJ (Fiji)
  • Microsoft Office
  • Zotero

Proactive & Use Initiative

  • Strive to go beyond expectations to maximise what I and others get out of an experience

Critical Thinking

  • Comfortable providing and receiving feedback
  • Conducting independent literature review work

Time & Tides

We often celebrate the Jurassic Coast for its world-class fossil hunting, but modern marine fauna are thriving in rocky reefs made from the very deposits their ancestors were buried some 200 million years ago. In Time & Tides, a debut film from student filmmaker Georgie Bull, the beauty of this juxtaposition between nature's past and present is showcased using a range of underwater, topside and drone shots.